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The Romanian Journal of Automotive Engineering has as its main objective the publication and dissemination of original research in all fields of „Automotive Technology, Science and Engineering”. It fosters thus the exchange of ideas among researchers in different parts of the world and also among researchers who emphasize different aspects regarding the basis and applications of the field.

Standing as it does at the cross-roads of Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Engineering Design and Materials Sciences, automotive engineering is experiencing considerable growth as a result of recent technological advances. The Romanian Journal of Automotive Engineering, by providing an international medium of communication, is encouraging this growth and is encompassing all aspects of the field from thermal engineering, flow analysis, structural analysis, modal analysis, control, vehicular electronics, mechatronics, electro-mechanical engineering, optimum design methods, ITS, and recycling. Interest extends from the basic science to technology applications with analytical, experimental and numerical studies.

The emphasis is placed on contribution that appears to be of permanent interest to research workers and engineers in the field. If furthering knowledge in the area of principal concern of the Journal, papers of primary interest to the innovative disciplines of „Automotive Technology, Science and Engineering” may be published. No length limitations for contributions are set, but only concisely written papers are published. Brief articles are considered on the basis of technical merit. Discussions of previously published papers are welcome.


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Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.